2015 Senior Models

Thanks for your interest in being a senior model!

We have done our best to make our senior model program fun and, better yet, simple. We won’t require you to convince your friends to buy anything in order to receive the senior model benefits. All we ask is you become our friend on Facebook, come ready to have fun getting your senior portraits, and take advantage of all the great deals you’ll receive. Take our word for it – it’s THAT easy!

OK, so now you’re thinking “what do I actually get?” As a model for Christopher Warren Photography, you will receive a free portrait session, 3 free images on Facebook, a free mobile album (so you can show off your awesome pictures with a really cool phone app), and 20% off your total portrait order. That’s $430 worth of cool stuff FREE before the 20% savings on your portrait order!

So, what’s the catch? (Because anything this good has to have a catch, right?) Well, here it is. You have to take us up on this NOW. In order to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, you must have your photos taken by July 9, 2014. You’re right, that’s not much time!

Complete the form below and we’ll contact you or you can call us at 208-835-4141 to get your senior portrait session scheduled. In order to book your session time, we will need to have a $150 reservation payment at the time we schedule your session. That amount will be credited toward your account and will apply entirely toward your portrait order. So, don’t wait. Take advantage of this awesome deal and be ready to have a blast with your senior portraits!

We look forward to hearing from you!