Our Family


CHRIS is the lead photographer, dreamer and the fearless leader of our business and family. His favorite pastimes include fly fishing, trying to grow the “perfect” lawn, just about any type of construction project, and listening to music. (His ear protectors tune into the radio!) He thrives on helping others and takes his cheesecake baking VERY seriously.

JEANNETTE is in charge of anything “business” about our business (being a realist and perfectionist suits this type of work). Her full-time position, however, is as Mommy to our two amazing kiddos. In addition to watching them learn and grow, she loves hiking, sewing/crocheting/knitting, graphic design projects and getting together with friends and family. Although eating is definitely not her thing, she usually has to plead guilty to consuming the entire bowl of popcorn by herself.

ZACHARY likes things “just so” and has an amazing memory. He prefers to fill his days “driving” trucks, playing sports, and reading books. He is very attentive to his little sister’s safety (in life-threatening situations such as walking in the general direction of a road or being blown away by the wind) and, if left up to him, would live his entire life in “soft pants.”

HEIDI is a mix of sweet and sass, but her specialty is making people smile. Most of her time is spent “cooking” and taking care of her “babies.” She adores her big brother and has an terrific sense of humor, making all of us laugh every day.

Above all our individual favorites, the primary goal of our family is to serve our Lord.

“Therefore we also have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to Him.” 2 Cor. 5:9