Chapter ThreeSelf-Employed!


Chris and I both grew up with photography in the family. Chris’ dad was a wedding photographer for a while and my dad owned a camera/photo finishing store. (Yes, back in the days when you had to take your film rolls in to be developed and printed!) So, it’s really no surprise that we both loved taking pictures. It didn’t matter if we were on one of our outdoor adventures or just driving around the countryside at home, we were always photographing God’s awesome creation.

In 2003, with encouragement from family and friends, we decided to try selling our images. We set up our first booth at a local craft fair and thus began our journey as photography business owners. A few years later, Chris photographed his first wedding as a professional. He’s actually a softy at heart and also does his best work under pressure, so it’s really no surprise that he fell in love with the experience. With all the excitement and challenges, the position of wedding photographer has his name written all over it!