Tory + TaiFamily Farm | Pomeroy, Washington

We’re pretty sentimental and love stories about people who end up living in their childhood home. This is one of those stories! Tory grew up on this farm, now lives on it, proposed there, and he and Tai chose it as the place to begin their new life together. So special! The farm was done up like a something straight out of a magazine. Everything was perfect. After the wedding, Chris couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the grounds were. Especially the trees – those Big. Impressive. Trees.

Tai has been dazzling our cameras for years, going back to the days when she was lighting up the basketball and volleyball courts of the high school gym. Needless to say, we were thrilled when she asked us to capture her wedding day as well! Her fun personality, excitement for life, and infectious smile seem to be a constant every time we are with her. She just radiates happiness. We were excited to get to know Tory who is such a great match with his quiet, humble strength and easy-to-be-around manner. We really admire the respect he shows for others, especially his parents and Tai. He’s just the kind of guy you want to get to know better!

There were so many great moments throughout the day. The first look was perfect, taking place on the front lawn where Tory proposed. We loved the planting of a rose bush as part of the ceremony and the analogy between caring for it and cultivating a marriage. And the cake — it was beautiful but how fun is it to serve doughnuts as cake for guests? All in all, we loved the opportunity to spend this amazing day with these two incredible people!

Here are some of our favorite moments.


Warmest wishes,

Chris and Jeannette