The UltimateWedding Day Photo Checklist

When planning my own wedding, I remember being overwhelmed at times and feeling like I didn’t even have a clue where to start! For those of you who may feel that way about your photography, or if you have your act completely put together and just love to check things off a list (I get that too!), we’ve put together a checklist of every part a wedding you might want to have photographed. Feel free to glance through it and get a feel for what’s most important to you — the memories you don’t want to be without! This provides a great way to start working with your photographer to build a wedding photography plan you are comfortable with and confident in.

After months of planning and anticipation, wedding days generally whirl by in a flash. There are so many amazing moments (not to mention all those carefully designed details) that you’ll never want to forget. Thankfully, even years from now, you can look at your pictures and feel it all over again!

Here’s our list:

Photo-Checklist-22 The Gown

You’ve put a lot of thought into the dress you’ve chosen. Its beauty deserves to be captured.

Photo-Checklist-39 Wedding Rings

Rings are as unique as the people who wear them. You’ll love a great close-up of yours.

Photo-Checklist-28 Bridal Boquet

Unfortunately, flowers do fade so be sure to get a great photo.

Photo-Checklist-26 Girls Getting Ready

So many great moments happen when the girls get ready together.

Photo-Checklist-27 Bride’s Preparation

The final touches before your reveal are often filled with anticipation and excitement.

Photo-Checklist-37 Guys Prep

Guys don’t take as long to get ready but some of the best shots happen when they’re just hanging out, waiting.

Photo-Checklist-16 Bridal Portrait

It’s not often you feel as beautiful as on your wedding day.

Photo-Checklist-38 First Look

If you choose to see each other before the ceremony, this moment is such a special time. Anticipation and nerves melting into joy, excitement and love — you’ll want to freeze this instant in time!

Photo-Checklist-33 Ceremony Setting

The unique beauty of your chosen venue on your chosen day is worth preserving.

Photo-Checklist-10 Flowers and Details

Often the little things signify something much bigger. Your details add dimension and make your event gorgeous and meaningful.

Photo-Checklist-13 Little Ones

It’s hard to resist the charm of the adorable flower girl or ring bearer. They’re sure to bring a smile every time!

Photo-Checklist-18 Bride’s entrance

A memory you’ll revisit over and over.

Photo-Checklist-17 Groom Watching

Nerves? Adoration? Excitement? Grooms are good at trying to stay composed but sometimes…

Photo-Checklist-20 The Vows

The classic and timeless capture of your forever promise.

Photo-Checklist-29 Traditions

Candles, sand, knot tying, a song — whatever you choose, it holds special meaning for you.

Photo-Checklist-35 Guests

It’s an emotional event for all who love you as well. These are images you’re sure to cherish.

Photo-Checklist-31 First Kiss

An obvious moment to capture forever.

Photo-Checklist-30 Exit as Mr. and Mrs.

The joy on your faces says it all. This is a timeless shot your grandchildren will love someday.

Photo-Checklist-36 Families

A family photo is something you’ll treasure forever.

Photo-Checklist-23 The Girls

A keepsake of those who have shared so much with you.

Photo-Checklist-12 The Guys

Looking macho or goofing around — you just never know.

Photo-Checklist-32 Wedding Party

All your closest confidants in one photo? Yes, please!

Photo-Checklist-01 4 leggeds

If you have a pet of any size that is meaningful to you as a couple, you will definitely want this photo.

Photo-Checklist-09 Reception Venue

Often a location is chosen for its amazing views or landscape. You’ll want to remember exactly why you chose this spot.

Photo-Checklist-34 The little things

It would be nearly impossible to remember all the fantastic little details that make up your big day if you didn’t have them in pictures.

Photo-Checklist-02 Candid Moments

Who doesn’t want to remember the laughter and heartfelt moments spent with family and friends?

Photo-Checklist-14 Toasts

Be it laughter or tears, emotions often flow in abundance during toasts given by loved ones.

Photo-Checklist-15 Entertainment

The band, the photo booth, and the cornhole game — they all deserve to be remembered!

Photo-Checklist-19 Cake and Dessert Table

The wedding cake is a must, of course, but photos of other desserts or snacks are also sweet. Don’t forget the cake cutting too!

Photo-Checklist-24 First Dance

Slow dancing with the love of your life or showing off your incredible dance skills, this dance is a memory you’ll want to keep.

Photo-Checklist-25 Father-Daughter Dance

The Mother-Son dance is also special.

Photo-Checklist-08 Dance Floor Jammin’

It’s a party — be sure to capture the fun!

Photo-Checklist-07 Reception Traditions

Bouquet and garter toss, money dance, or maybe a shoe game? Fun cultural rituals are priceless.

Photo-Checklist-04 All your guests

A fun way to remember everyone who came.

Photo-Checklist-21 Send-Off

Be it with rice, petals, bubbles, and/or sparklers, your exit is always fun and picture worthy!

Photo-Checklist-03 The Ride

Whether it’s a horse and buggy, hot rod or limo, a shot of you heading off to happily-ever-after is a must.

Photo-Checklist-11 Bride and Groom Portraits

A beautiful portrait of the two of you on the day that changed your lives — this one definitely should not be missed!


If you’d like a printable version of this list, click here.


Warmest wishes,

Chris and Jeannette